Saturday, December 29, 2012 - Unfair Banning For No Reason

Well.I woke up this morning and excitedly clicked the link to watch Garylife  (Reckful's funny brother) stream on Too bad MiaRose wasn't online so he decided to go out and buy a new Hookah for some reason.

I went and took a nap, when I woke up again to click on an email from Twitch that a person I was following was online (ironically) I found out that I was banned from Twitch.TV

No e-mails, nothing..I mean at least send me an email that you banned me or something. I probably don't even want an explanation anymore. Although it would be sweet to know exactly just what you did.

Hell, a warning would have sufficed but apparently can't be bothered with that.

In another news, 2 weeks ago, a gamer was banned also for "putting makeup on" and eating a banana.

He was already warned to:

1) Not show or touch his nipples, as it would be too sexual 

but he can

1)Take his shirt off

Okay, as far as I have noticed, this site is run by antisocial bullies (moderators), who would just slap you with the banhammer if they're having a shitty day, cause honestly I have seen other people show their nipples (the girls - through their shirts), attention whore like crazy and whatnot. Their rules aren't exactly black and white..or is that blue and gray, and to be honest, it's an obvious double standard.

Who knows. Who cares anymore.

Apparently this is what you should do in case you had the same case as me..

Go to this page:

It will ask for your channel name and your email address associated with your accoutn. Try to be as nice as possible, beg and vow to never do whatever it was that you did again. If you're lucky, the moderator reading it would feel softhearted and possibly unban you.

I'm turned off by this site, and thank heavens I can't even view anything anymore, cause apparently even if you aren't logged in, if you are banned, you cannot watch any might be able to open a streamers channel but you will get this message: is for gaming content only... that makes sense, I wasn't a streamer so that line is purely irrelevant. is a real class act. Hopefully they aren't letting site run by bots. I was a member for 5 years ( actually) and have been donating to the streamers.

By the way, please fix your Ipad app. It is all black when I am trying to watch from it. Since I am not going to watch streams anymore, at least do it for your other customers if you care.