Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Blood-curdling scream..

I remember a few months ago when I was really heavy into arena. Well let's just say the passion never really died ever since Season 2 arena but I have not really been like one of those hardcore arena players either. I just did what I could and left it to that, I thoroughly enjoyed the freedom of BG PVP though. It spells of teamwork, random groups calling out and nerds trying hard to be more sociable and ask for stuff like "call out early" or "INC BS!".

Anyway a few months ago before Teamfind.com was put into use, I did arena games with my Warrior..me and this guy have been playing since Season 2 and I totally forgot how mad he would get especially because he thought I didn't dispel him or heal myself or why I didn't heal him without considering the fact that I was stunned, spells were on GCD or maybe even when I was dead.

I don't have enough screenshots of what happened but basically it didn't end well. I played with an Arms spec Warrior using my Shadow Priest on Alliance-Tichondrius basically because I couldn't seem to last more than 2 seconds as healer. No idea why.

Despite the fact of all these, we never practiced and were barely gemmed/geared we reached like 1200 or so and I was fairly happy. I just disliked all the stress. Raised cortisol levels whilst playing a video game like WoW I was supposed to enjoy just didn't make sense.

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