Friday, August 2, 2013

How to level your battle pet FAST (2nd guide)

Thundering Pandaren Spirit guide

arctic hare - dodge first, then burrow, flurry when you can just use dodge whenever his first 2 abilities come up..when the first enemy goes down your rabbit should still have some hp left.

emerald whelp - bite, blessing, dream

3rd - your carry pet 

Gutretch - 2 beasts 1 critter

clockwork mechanical gnome - build turret, repair , fist, turret

cogblade raptor-

3rd pet -carry

Beegle Blastfuse - 2 flyers 1 aquatic

nordrasil wisp for first 2 pets
jade owl - thrash, adrenaline rush and liftoff for the elemental penguin enemy pet
3rd pet - carry pet, bring him out when big dps cooldowns are off on the 3rd enemy pet

Okrut Dragonwaste- the asshole..yes i said it.

1 dragonkin 2 undead enemy pets

first use the anubisath idol - crush sandstorm deflection

use this guy even when the 2nd pet comes out, sandstorm will able to fend off any critical strikes

2nd pet - infected squirrel - creeping fungus rabid strike consume, keep creeping up and consume when u can, and use rabid strike as ur primary dps.

3rd pet - ur carry pet 

obalis in uldum - 

clock work gnome  - turret first then heal . dont bother fisting here.. 

2nd pet if your gnome goes down take out the whelp, when the moth is out take ur carry pet out on the 3rd enemy pet and put ur whelp in again

Brok - Hyjal

Anubisath idol - deflect first to avoid the flash, then sandstorm, just keep in mind the flash has a 2 round cooldown

2nd pet carrying pet

Clockwork gnome - turret, heal, turret , dont bother fisting here and you'll be good.

Goz Banefury -

arctic hare - dodge first then flurry then burrow

mechanical gnome - by the time you get to the 2nd enemy pet their hp should be at least 50% and you have to take out your mechanical gnome, turret first then heal then turret.

by the time the spider comes out, this guy is a super asshole to can try fisting him from time to time but turret and repair should be priority.

3rd pet, as usual, is at least a 600 hp carry pet.

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