Sunday, April 26, 2015

Omg Starbucks sandwhich

So lately I have been embracing my inner Basic Bitch and indulging on caramel frapuccino and egg/sausage sandwich at where else but basic heaven, Starbucks.

So usually I just get this for breakfast. Upon finishing my drink and half of my sandwich I decided to head back to my apartment and watch more Vikings.

          "These guys mean business.."

Anyway naturally all that pillaging got me hunger. I decided to bite into my already semi-hard sandwich then I heard a crunching sound.

Starbucks sandwich broke my tooth. 


I made an appointment with my dentist who then told me I need an implant to replace it. This is what that looks like.

      "Hurts the wallet more than the actual 
      bone drilling thing.."

So overall that's over $2000 for Starbucks sandwich breaking my tooth. I am not going to buy those sandwiches again.

Wish I listened to people instead of going here. I only posted this entry because I found on google two people already broke their teeth too. Crazy!

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